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Web pages to learn day by day, week by week and month by month how your pregnancy and your baby are growing. Each site has different but valuable information so the more sites you go to the more you'll knowJ This is one of my most favorite sites and I recommend it to all pregnant women. Not only are you e-mailed a link to a day by day look at how your pregnancy is going but there is just so much more to this site. All you need to do is enter your due date and it'll send you to a informational page which tells you how many days you have been pregnant, how many weeks you are, your baby's age since conception, and how many days until your due date. That is only the beginning. Every day your guide has great information to know and every few days your guide will tell you what is called IN THE KNOW: which explains how your baby is developing and how your pregnancy is developing. Since I am in the middle of my pregnancy I have not yet finished my guide but I have found useful links to web sites which can give you a idea of what your baby's heart beat sounds like at a certain age. Besides the day by day guide, this site also offers information on books, chat rooms for other women who are pregnant at the same time you are, a shop, resources and much, much more. As I learn more I will update this description. Babycenter is another great web site I highly recommend especially if you are looking for support and other pregnant women to talk to who have some what of the same due date that you do. It is also a bountiful of good information you will need during pregnancy. This is a site that you can use up until your child is 3 and can revisit for preconception if and when you decide to try for another child. You can then move on to Babycenter's sister site Parentcenter for information on your child up until age 8. For the pregnancy informational aspect of the site, all you have to do is put in your due date and your e-mail address. Each week you will receive a graphical e-mail showing information about how your baby is growing along with links to a picture of what your baby may look like that week, a link to more information at your stage of pregnancy, a link to talking to other women at your stage, a link to products that are right for pregnant women and much more. The e-mail also offers a link so you can ask the experts a question about pregnancy and parenting, it offers a link to a time line on how things are developing, and if you go to the web site and sign in you get much more information at hand. Even sites and message boards for dads to be. Babycenter also offers you a on-line store were you can shop for pregnancy and baby items. If you are on a budget I personally would just window shop at their store because they can be a little pricey. Pregnancy Calendar:This is yet another good site to visit. This site mainly gives you information for each trimester but the site includes links to real ultrasounds and color graphic of what your baby may look like at particular stages. At the beginning of each trimester segment it also lists your likely date of conception, when date you will end a trimester and likely date of delivery. It might not seem like much but its defiantly worth using as a informational source.


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