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Name: Rachel

Hubby's Name:Tim

Your Age:25

Birthdate: June 6, 1976

Hubby's Age:27

Children: None yet!!

Country Or State: Connecticut

How many years have you been TTC: 6 months

Any TTC health complications:

Method You Are Using To TTC: Basal Temping

Personal Comments: Hi everyone! Prior to TTC, I had been on BCP for about 8 years. I stopped taking them 6/01, about a year ago, and my problem now is that my monthly cycles are so unpredictable. This is challenging!! Prior to BCP, I don't remember having this problem; my cycles were 4-6 weeks with an occasional missed month. My husband and I are trying really hard and feel the time is right (we have been together for about 10 years, married nearly 2 now) I work as an occupational therapist and enjoy people!! Looking forward to chatting more with all of you.

Name: Ramona

Hubby's Name: John

Your Age: 31

Birthdate: (5/29/70

Hubby's Age: 33

Children: First Names and Ages:
Ian - 6 - conceived right after going off bcp (what a surprise!)
Maya - 4 in June - took about 5 cycles to conceive

Country Or State: PA

How many years have you been TTC: We just started.

Any TTC health complications:

Method You Are Using To TTC: Chance, maybe BBT in future months
Personal Comments: I'm a student, I'm working towards my master's in elementary education. I hope to do my student teaching in the fall of 2003.
I've had 2 c-sections and am hoping to deliver my third (if the third is conceived, of course) vaginally. I also had gestational diabetes with both pregnancies.






Name:Sarah P.

Name:Sarah T.

Name: Shirah

Hubby's Name:Michael

Your Age:44

Birthdate:July 1

Husbands birthdate: February 19

Children: Nataniel Liron 5 yrs. 2/26/97

Country Or State: Israel

How many years have you been TTC: Just joined!!!

Any TTC health complications: Not ovulating and folicals do not seem to grow big enough. I will be going to a fertility clinic soon. We have been trying for a second child for two years now. My son came very fast after my husband and I were married. I got pregnant after only 1 month of

Method You Are Using To TTC: So far we have used pills to help me to ovulate.

Personal Comments: My family and I live in a small settlement in the West Bank of Israel in the Judean Desert we have a little house of our own; it's beautiful here, but hard with all the fear of terrorist attacks. But as all the war is going on all around us, our little community is so tight and
loving. We are a big loving family here (105 families). Within the settlement, it is the most safe wonderful place to raise our boy. He has many
friends, and lots of support from grown-ups. He is well adjusted and extremely happy with his life, with no fear of what is going on around us. He has
a big faith in God to protect us. We can't wait to give him the little baby brother or sister, which is his hearts desire these days. He even prays to God every evening for this! He's going to make the most wonderful big brother. We are so proud of him!

Name: Stephanie

Hubby's Name:Deon

Your Age:18

Birthdate: June 14,1983

Hubby's Age:27

Country Or State: Hawaii

How many years have you been TTC:2 years

Any TTC health complications:diagnosed with pcos in january

Method You Are Using To TTC: was using BBt now just using chance

Personal Comments:Its nice to know i'm not alone here and that i will now have people to share my feelings with.

Name:Stephanie W