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Name: Jamie Norman

Hubby's Name: Anthony Norman

Your Age: 23

Birthdate: November 1st

Hubby's Age: 26

Children: First Names and Ages: none yet but my heart is set on trying til we succeed

Country Or State: Kansas City, MO

How many years have you been TTC: 6 mos

Any TTC health complications: endometriosis, cysts on both ovaries, and a history of ovarian and cervical cancer but that wont hinder me from trying to be pregnent, I can overcome all of these things, they are just things to overcome and my hubby and I believe with God's grace and healing that I will bare lots and lots of babies, God says double for your we want our TWINS!!! ;)

Method You Are Using To TTC: BBT, and chance ;) whatever it takes we will try it :)

Personal Comments: I feel like the luckiest girl alive, I married my sweetheart, have a wonderful family, a new job that I really enjoy, and am very on fire for Jesus, I love the Lord and am not shy to speak about it, He has taken me from a nobody with nothing to a somebody with everything all because He loves me --- all of you precious women and couples that are ttc are in my prayers, my husband and I pray daily for this awesome group and believe that we will see miracle after miracle from the members. My hubby is a DJ and a singer in a rock and roll band called Gabriel's Gift, and we both love music, writing, and babysitting all of our friends and family memeber's children... we are blessed!

Name: Jamie Marie Platt

Hubby's Name: Joshua Lenn Platt

Your Age: 19 (will be 20 May 24th)

Birthdate: May 24th!

Hubby's Age: 22

Children: First Names and Ages: None yet!

Country Or State: Piqua, OH

How many years have you been TTC: Only 2 1/2 months so far.

Any TTC health complications:I have endometriosis (minor) but we aren't sure it will cause any problems.

Method You Are Using To TTC: I'm using an ovulation calculator I got on, at least until it doesn't seem to be working. Got to give it a fair chance!! (Rhythm Method)

Personal Comments: I'm very excited to be here talking to you ladies. It's wonderful to know there are people out there who are going through what you are. I am an Avon Beauty Advisor, so I work out of my home. I love getting email so feel free to write me anytime.


Name:Jill C



Name:Karen S.


Name: Katrina (Moondancer) Drake

Hubby's Name: Adrian Drake

Your Age: 33

Birthdate: February 25th 1969

Hubby's Age: 32

Children: First Names and Ages: Raistlin Grey Wolf, age 3, took 4 years to concieve

Country Or State: Wisconsin

How many years have you been TTC: About 4 months this time

Any TTC health complications: Ectopic pregnancy in January, Miscarriage in March.

Method You Are Using To TTC: Temperature and mucus

Personal Comments: I am of Cherokee heritage, do tie dye, Native American crafts, and sew fitted diapers as a hobby, hope to make a real living at it someday. I am also in the process of writing a novel.


Name: Kristin

Hubby's Name: Shawn

Your Age:  30

Birthdate: 7/5/71

Hubby's Age: 31

Children: Kaylin, 2 years.  We lucked out with her.  Happened on the first
month off of bc and we weren't really even trying.

Country Or State: Michigan

How many years have you been TTC: 6 months

Any TTC health complications: Not aware of any.

Method You Are Using To TTC:  Rhythm Method and OPK sometimes.

Personal Comments: I am glad to find a place where others are experiencing
the same things I am.  I truly believe that I will be come pg eventually,
but after conceiving so quickly the first time, when af comes I get
discouraged.  I needed somewhere to get support when I needed it and
hopefully give some to others too!



Name: Kristy

Hubby's Name:Chris (I know Chris and Kristy isn't that funny)

Your Age:24

Birthdate: (Just as a fun add on incase others would like to wish you a happy birthday:-) but you do not have to answer:-) )8-14-77

Hubby's Age:27

Country Or State:Wisconsin

How many years have you been TTC:2.5

Any TTC health complications:not that we know of been to affraid to spend the money on all the tests we just hope that it will happen.

Method You Are Using To TTC: just now going to start the rhythm method. have used basil

Personal Comments: My husband and I started trying 2.5 years ago. We tried seriously for the first 1.5 years during that time I took care of twin boys from the times they were born. I was part of a dream come true. I loved those boys like my own. I was deffinately part of raising them. Doctors appointments, colic, lots of ear infections and colds, extreme crying, christenings, birthdays and all other firsts. The whole time still wanting my own. Just having these kids with me every day helped for awhile to not feel that void of not having your own. But it didn't take long for me to realize that I still didn't have my own 1.5 years later. I heard of a traveling job by chance. Was definately not looking to change jobs. I loved those kids. I went to an interview just to see what it was knowing I would find something I just wouldn't like and that I wouldn't take the job. Well I didn't find anything I didn't like and they offered it to me with really great pay and traveling, which sounded like fun. I bauled over just the idea of leaving the kids but I wasn't paid a lot and I was gaining weight from being cooped up all day. I was stressed and worried I would never get pregant and I was up to 196 pounds. I was affraid of hitting 200 and decided that the constant thought of being childless wasn't helping matters. I tried the job still thinknig I wouldn't like it. I loved it. I am still there 1 year later. I tried to keep in contact with kids and saw them a few times but I think the mother just wanted them to forget me. Since they were still young enough to do that. With me liking my job so much and it being travel every week. I decided that it wasn't really the right time anymore and that I wanted to work for awhile longer. We didn't try seriously for the last year. But you know that thought just doesn't ever go away. I am truely ment to be a mother and the pangs and needs for a child are here again, tuging at my heart. I will try the rhythm method and let me know. Thank you for your support and answering all my questions.




Name: Melanie

Hubby's Name: Ian (fiance, getting married May 25th)

Your Age: 21

Birthdate: August 1st

Hubby's Age: 30

Children: First Names and Ages: no children

Country Or State: St. Louis, MO

How many years have you been TTC: 1 month

Any TTC health complications: non yet that we know of

Method You Are Using To TTC: Fertility Awareness method (Toni Weshcler's
charting method based on her book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility")

Personal Comments: Trying to Conceive #1

Name: Molly

Hubby's Name: Lee

Your Age:27

Birthdate: November 25, 1974

Hubby's Age:30

Country Or State: Oregon

How many years have you been TTC: almost 3

Any TTC health complications:not that i know of

Method You Are Using To TTC: Rhythum Method and chance

Personal Comments: Im a very out going person i love to chat with people.I also do child care and have for 13 yrs.

Name: Natasha

Hubby's Name: Nigel

Your Age: 25

Birthdate: Sept 21

Hubby's Age: 27

Children: none

Country Or State: I am from the Caribbean

How many years have you been TTC: over 2 years

Any TTC health complications: not that I know of.

Method You Are Using To TTC: I am on clomid, robitussin, baby asprin, epo and sometimes I use OPK's

Personal Comments: We are ttc #1 (for me) this will be my third pg'cy I have had 2 m/c last year. After 18mths of ttc I finally got pg with my son (who we named Darniel) I was soo happy so we started to get stuff really early. My pg was going ok with a couple spotting scares, then on Jan 02 2001 I started going into labor (of course I did not know this) my water bag bursted so my bil rushed me to my doc office where my baby was delivered. I started to bleed really heavily so I has to have an emergency d&c. I was 16-17 wks along. I got pg about 4 mths after my m/c and I had to get my u/s at 11wks and when I went to get is done there was no h/b so I had yet another d&c. They did test but all come back normal so here I am ttc again this time it has been 9mth since my last m/c and still nothing yet.. I am on clomid and other stuff. I am leaving this cycle in God's hands.That was my journey and I am still going.