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Mothers To Be: New Additions:Parents Of Infants Birth-1yr Support Group

Would you like to talk to others who are parents of infants who are newborn to 1year of age? Mothers To Be New Addition Parents of infants Birth-1yr Support Group is a group were you can talk to others in the same situation, learn from others and possibly even become friends. Also a place were I recommend you vent about daily life:-) I have found from experience that web site message boards such as BabyCenter is a wonder place to find support but one main problem most posters run into is their message getting lost amongst many others because thousands of people post messages on that board. I created the support group so that those who are parents of infants birth -1yr old so they can ask questions and talk to others without feel like he/she is being ignored or missplaced.

The support group concept was started October of 2001 we have yet to get any members because the site is pretty new. The group was suppose to be a e-mail support group but since April the W32 magistrate virus has become a quickly spreading virus which spreads itself by the victim downloading e-mail attachments that are infected with the virus. Unfortunately the virus has already hit many members so in order to keep members safe from recieving a virus from one of the many members and spreading it around to other members we have switched to a message board. The message board is a fun and friendly place and its not like BabyCenter, posts are not ignored:-)


If you would like to join this group please e-mail and you will be sent a welcome/instructional letter on how to sign into the message board. The group is absolutly free:-)

COMING SOON: Sometime this month I hope to create a section on the message board to place freebies for everyone in the group:-)


You are more than welcome to view the message board before signing up with the group and even post a message without signing up with the board. Please do not sign up with the board until you are sent the welcome letter. I keep track of those who are members by those who sign up with the message board.

Even though the link to the board says trying to conceive support group I assure you that it has 4 different private sections for each group and each group's posts.



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