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Most times when you go to your first prenatal appointment, your doctor will give you a bag full of goodies such as information, freebees and samples. Use these to your advantage because most of the things help in some way or another. Here are some things I have found in my goody bag or on-line.

SIMILAC'S THE WELCOME ADDITION CLUB: Free newsletters on healthy pregnancy and baby care tips. Free starter supply of Similac money saving offers, and coupons off of Similac. To join call 1-800-222-9546 or join at

NEW MOM'S BONUS CLUB: As a member you'll receive valuable offers and information from many leading companies. Unfortunately I think this is only for new moms in Missouri. Call 1-800-325-3550 to join.

ENFAMIL CLUB: This club is great, it offers informational booklets, Money saving coupon checks for $2-$3 which makes a world of difference on saving, free samples of Enfamil, a free diaper bag, proof of purchase gift club, and personal support for infant feeding and nutrition questions. To enroll call 1-800-Baby123 or go to Its free and confidential.

CARNATION'S THE VERY BEST: Great nutritional information guide delivered once every month or so with money saving coupons. To sign up go to

GERBER: For informational booklets on feeding, childcare and great saving coupons, and information on new products, go to


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