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Essentials For PrePregnancy



What you eat while trying to conceive is just as important as what you should avoid eating while trying to conceive. The first thing you need to know about what is essential for having a healthy conception is eating healthy. If you have not yet read the Eating Healthy section please do so. The section will give you a rough idea of was is good and what is bad in having a healthy diet. Having a healthy diet does not mean you have to eat all vegetables. You can also eat the things you like but too much of a good thing may be bad. Check out the section and see what works for you.


Here are a list of essential things you need to add to your diet while trying to conceive:

FOLIC ACID: Some of you may have seen the orange juice commercial stating that studies have found that taking folic acid before you become pregnant significantly reduces the risk of your baby being born with defects of the brain and spinal cord. This is very true. All doctors will recommend that while you are trying to conceive you have a daily intake of 400mcg's of folic acid or 100%. I have done some studying and the unfortunate thing is you can't get all your daily folic acid in once glass of orange juice. One glass of OJ is only worth 25% intake of folic acid. I personally don't care to drink 4 glasses a day of orange juice. I feel by the end of the day I'd be sick of it. You can how ever find many other things that has folic acid in it. Eating one bowl of Total cereal has 100% of folic acid. If you wish to get your intake through the food you eat do some research and find out what foods or food combinations equal the daily recommendation. If you aren't really into doing all the work to find out what to eat that has folic acid another good way is taking folic acid supplements. You can find them in many stores along side other supplements. I find it easier to take the supplements because you just take one pill a day and don't have to worry about what to eat.

PRENATAL VITAMINS: Even though you aren't pregnant yet doctors also recommend you start taking prenatal vitamins. Getting the vitamins and nutrients you need during pregnancy in before you are pregnant will give you a wonderful head start that will help both you and baby. Taking prenatal vitamins before pregnancy will also give your baby a excellent chance of having healthy growth inside you. Taking prenatal vitamins will also give you all the vitamins and minerals you need which can help with conception.


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