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Mothers To Be: Trying To Conceive Support Group

Would you like to talk to others who are trying to conceive? Mothers To Be Trying To Conceive Support Group is a group were you can talk to others in the same situation, learn from others and possibly even become friends. I have found from experience that web site message boards such as BabyCenter is a wonder place to find support but one main problem most posters run into is their message getting lost amongst many others because thousands of people post messages on that board. I created the support group so that those who are trying to conceive can ask questions and talk to others without feel like he/she is being ignored or missplaced. The group has women dealing with many different situations while trying to conceive such as healthy and trying but no success as of yet, just coming off birth control, Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom, Fibroid tumors, not able to ovulate and one or multiple cysts on the ovaries or uterus.

The support group was started October of 2001 as a e-mail support group but in April we doubled from 20 members to over 40 members in just a few weeks. Members started running into problems with their e-mail boxes overflowing so from May10-June 7th a message board was set up for the group to see if the message board would be a better choice and cut down on e-mails. As of Nov 24 2002 members have two choices in which to communicate with other support group members. Once you are signed into the support group you are asked to choose which subgroup you would best fit in and get the best support and information from such as a group for those with irregular period, a group for those with PCOS, a group for those with a regular period ect. Since the subgroups usually are no more than 12 people you can choose to communicate with them via e-mail or you can choose to communicate with them on the message board. Keep in mind that while being signed up with a subgroup you still are able to communicate with the entire TTC Support group that consists of the subgroups so you can also talk to others with different situation such as endometriosis.

The message board is a fun and friendly place and its not like BabyCenter, posts are not ignored:-)

If you would like to join this group please e-mail and you will be sent a welcome/instructional letter on how to sign into the message board. The group is absolutly free:-)


You are more than welcome to view the message board before signing up with the group and even post a message without signing up with the board. Please do not sign up with the board until you are sent the welcome letter. I keep track of those who are members by those who sign up with the message board.


As of Nov 24, 2002 there are:

44 members

Since Oct 2001, 20 have successfully become pregnant since joining

Once you do become pregnant you are automatically signed up with the Pregnancy Support group which is the same concept as the TTC support group and you have the choice to stay with the TTC support group as well for support.


Comments about the group from a few members:


I had been trying to conceive about 1 month when I found this website and e-mail group.  It is so much more personal and caring than the message boards that so many sites offer.  I feel more like I've gotten to know the women in the group, and that we matter to each other.  I highly recommend this group to anyone searching for anyone trying to concieve.

Suzie A.



This site has let me meet a lot of people I never would have meet otherwise.  The personal involvement from everyone is really heartwarming.  When you ask a question you get answers and support from everyone.  This site really helped me with ttc my first baby and I would recommend it to anyone trying to conceive.  

Erin W.

UPDATE: JUNE 11 Not long after Suzie and Erin left these notes they had become pregnant:-)


Graduation System

I wanted to send this e-mail out to everyone to introduce and explain my new Graduation System. Ever since I started to create other informational web sites the Graduation System has always been there but I'm not sure others have been aware of it. With the Graduation System it is basically you moving from one support group and one informational web site to the next.

If you are trying to conceive and are using my web site Women Trying To Conceive once you become pregnant you will graduate from trying to conceive and move from using Women Trying To Conceive to Pregnancy & Beyond web site for information and the Pregnancy & Beyond support group and can also stay in the Women Trying To Conceive support group if you wish to support others:-). The difference between the Women Trying To Conceive Site and Pregnancy & Beyond Site is not only the difference in information but the Pregnancy & Beyond site offers month by month information on your pregnancy including what symptoms you may experience and how to comfortably get through them. The site also offers ultrasounds of what your baby may look like, tips to make your pregnancy easier and comfortable and much more. The difference between the Trying To Conceive Support Group and the Pregnancy Support Group is the pregnancy support group offers month by month information e-mailed to you based on how far along you are and coming soon alot more.


If you are pregnant and are using Pregnancy & Beyond the site will soon provide information up until the day you leave the hospital. Once baby is born you will graduate from pregnancy and move from Pregnancy & Beyond to New Additions Birth - 1yr web site for information and the New Additions Birth-1yr support group but you can stay in TTC, and pregnancy groups if you wish to support others. The Birth-1yr site will soon provide month by month information on your baby's development,tips on how to care for baby and a seperate area for information on how your development as a parent may go and tips to help with your postnatal recovery. The site will also provide suggestions on baby products, toys and also a site with freebies. The Birth-1yr support group is not only there for support but its also a place to ask questions, look for suggestions and also show off baby and baby's accomplishments when ever you'd like:-) I'm hoping to set up a photo album for all parents to show off pictures:-) So far the site is only a shell right now and the support group hasn't start yet but with a few pregnancy members being close to their due date in June the group should start soon:-)


If you are a parent of a infant newborn-1yrs old there really isn't a place to graduate to but if you plan on being a stay at home mom you can stay in the birth-1yr and also be apart of the stay at home mom's on-line group. The site is also a shell at the moment but will offer information on how to financially safely become a stay at home mom, tips on daily life,photo albums to show off your family. The support group offers a place to talk to other stay at home moms, get tips, vent frustrations about daily life, ask questions. For example if you don't know what to make for dinner ask the group for suggestions:-)


This really isn't a group you can graduate to but if you would like to be apart of the Stay at home mom's group please let me know:-)

In the future I am hoping to start a photo album for each group. Trying To Conceive group the photo album will be of the couples trying, Pregnancy group will be photos mommies to be can show off of either her stomach or her ultrasounds. The New Additions group will have a photo album they can show of their growing baby and the Stay At Home Mom group will have a photo album of their families.

In the future I will also have a personal story section. For trying to conceivers they can share their conception story with others, pregnant women can share their pregnancy and delivery stories with others, parents of birth-1yr can share their story about their child's first year.

For each group I will not automatically transfer you to the next group after graduating from the group you are already in. Once you become pregnant, have a baby, become a stay at home mom you will need to let me know you wish to transfer to the next group:-)


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